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BluePosterColor Group: Blue
Slogan: “Change 4 Change” — Make It Count
Campaign Idea: Everyone has extra change laying around that they don’t use! So each school will set up a Change Drive and collect as many U.S coins as possible for the allotted time given. All schools will compete against each other. A weekly tally will be kept at each participating school in order to ensure accuracy during the competition and this will also help maximize the amount raised. Proceeds raised will go to the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside.

LavenderPosterColor Group: Lavender
Slogan: Help a Child, It’s Worth Your While
Campaign Idea: Each school will set up a club that partners with a local children’s hospital. Each member of the club will be given a child to form a life-long bond. The member will connect with the child through similar interests. For example, if they both love music, the member will make a play list for that child. This experience will give the child and the members of the club an intangible gift of friendship.


LightBluePosterColor Group: Light Blue
Slogan: “Donate to Educate” – Schools Supplying Schools
Campaign Idea: Create a school supply drive in all municipalities in Union County. Collect new supplies, including but not limited to pencils, paper, binders, and calculators- and donate them to a charity, which will then distribute them to local underprivileged schools


PurplePosterColor Group: Purple
Slogan: Hospital Bound Books
Campaign Idea: Donate books, you can even include a message. The books will then be donated to sick kids in the hospital.